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Surgical Cap


What is a surgical cap?

The surgical cap is designed to prevent the operator's hair from falling into the operating room during the operation and polluting the sterile environment of the operating room. Existing surgical caps are mostly disposable surgical caps, which are mostly made of non-woven fabric. When the cap is put on, the folded surgical cap is first unfolded, and then the brim of the cap needs to cover the front and back hairline and above the ears on both sides, so that the hair does not leak.

Disposable surgical cap parameters

Brand Name: BASEN

Properties: Medical Materials Accessories

Place of Origin: China

Model Number: BN02B

Instrument classification: Class I

Type: Surgical Supplies

Name: Disposable SMS Doctor Cap With Ties, factory price

Color: white, green, blue, yellow

Material: SBPP/SMS

Spec: 64x14cm, 25g/M2

Style: with tie on or elastic

Feature: lightweight and convenient

Application: Nurse or doctor use

Certification: CE and ISO13485

Usage: medical and hospital use

What scenarios are surgical caps mainly used in?

Surgical caps are mainly used in hospital operating rooms, cosmetology, pharmacy, factory laboratories and other specific places; at the same time, they are frequently used in patients after continuous practice. Some eye, nose, mouth, ear, maxillofacial and neck operations are The surgical cap is worn on the patient's head, which can cover and fix the patient's hair firmly, fully reveal the surgical field of vision, and can effectively prevent the hair from reaching the surgical site to contaminate the incision and affect the surgical operation.

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