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Details to Pay Attention to When Putting on And Taking Off Protective Clothing

Nov. 21, 2020

1. When wearing an KN95 Mask, pass the upper and lower straps with your left hand and stick to the mask, then fix the lower strap with your right hand on the neck and the upper strap on the head. Adjust the position of the mask to make breathing more smooth while ensuring the seal. The upper strap should not be used to pinch the ears, otherwise the ears are very painful and the persistence time cannot be sustained.

2. When wearing protective clothing, pay attention to the neck buckle to completely isolate the neck, that is, the KN95 mask and the protective clothing must be sealed, and no gap should be left. With the addition of an outer surgical mask, the KN95 mask and the neck of the protective clothing are completely wrapped and isolated.

3. When wearing Protective Clothing, the protective sticker pasted on the zipper surface of the protective clothing should be bottom-up, not top-down, because bottom-up is likely to cause uneven wrinkles.

Anti Fog Goggles

Anti Fog Goggles

4. Take off the protective clothing. Do not violently tear the protective stickers on the zipper surface after opening the neck lock. You should carefully tear open the zipper of the exposed protective clothing, otherwise the protective clothing will be torn and the body will be exposed.

5. When taking off the protective clothing hat and rolling down the double sleeves, always pay attention not to touch the outer surface of the protective clothing with your hands. You can only roll it out through the inner side of the protective clothing until it is taken off together with the outer foot covers on both sides.

6. Finally, wear Anti Fog Goggles and pay attention to adjust the straps to avoid the straps strangling the ears and causing pain and injury.

7. Pay attention to hand hygiene and disinfection during contact with patients and after operation, avoid strenuous activities and collisions with sharp objects. If the protective clothing is punctured, the body will be exposed, which will bring the risk of infection.

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