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  • KN95 Face Mask
  • KN95 Face Mask
  • KN95 Face Mask

KN95 Face Mask


Brand : BASEN

Products name: KN95 Face Mask


1,non-woven fabrics  2,melt blown fabric  3,melt blown fabric 4.pp cotton  


Packing: 1pcs/bag   10pcs/pkt  1000pcs/CTN  9.5kgs/CTN   CTN size: 53*39*44CM  

Certifications: CE ISO


It is suitable for isolation and protection of adults in daily life,work and travel 

Filtering effect: Grade 1≥95%

Not suitable for toxic gas,not suitable for doctor's surgery

Matters needing attention

  1. please make sure it is used within the validity period.

    Please see the outer packing for the expiry date

  2. Those aliergic to non wovens and those with abnormal cardiopulmonary function should be careful

  3. The package is portable and belongs to personal protective equipement.

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